Agile and dynamic transport services

For increased flexibility
In any network, certain passenger flows can be low, inconsistent or scattered. That’s why Keolis offers local authorities a wide range of flexible mobility solutions that adapt to the economic, demographic, urban, and geographic specificities of each town or city.

Flexo : all the benefits of a regular service, with more flexibility

In between a regular line and an on-demand transport service, Flexo fills a gap in the mobility offer. Schedules are defined in advance, but booking is not necessary. Passengers can request to get off at a specific stop depending on their needs, and the route is determined by the driver, according to the customers on board the bus. Some regular lines are also extended to cover a wider zone, or to provide longer operating hours. This is a truly local service which helps authorities ensure a public transport offer in low density areas or during off-peak hours, improve access to outlying districts, serve employment zones, or create connections between local towns and villages, etc.

On-demand transport: a new, more intuitive, transport service

These non-regular lines allow passengers to book their journey at the last minute, meaning services and routes can be optimised according to demand. This solution enables low-frequented areas, with no regular service, to benefit from a transport offer. Keolis’ on-demand transport solutions can be implemented according to local authority needs, for example to serve the entire metropolitan area while streamlining costs, or to strengthen regular services at certain times. To optimise costs, certain routes can be subcontracted to taxis

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