Autonomous shuttles

Keolis: pioneering 100% electric, driverless vehicles
Keolis integrates autonomous shuttles in its multimodal transport offer to provide an efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly solution for ‘last mile’ travel in urban areas.

A groundbreaking innovation, transforming the city

In today’s smart cities, Keolis is constantly innovating to meet the urban mobility needs of tomorrow. In Lyon, an autonomous shuttle service has enhanced the Group’s multimodal offer, providing new, flexible public transport solutions. These 100% electric, driverless vehicles can carry up to 15 people, transporting passengers safely during the first and last miles of their journey in a variety of settings.

Autonomous shuttles: a wealth of uses

  • Urban areas: Pedestrian city centres, narrow roads.
  • Airports: Facilitate passenger transfers both inside and outside the terminal; optimise the movement of staff across the site.
  • Hospitals: Transport patients and their families from a car park or public transport stop to the hospital; movement of staff within the hospital complex.
  • University campuses: Ferry students from an outlying public transport stop to the university; provide transportation across the campus.
  • Theme parks and tourist attractions: Simplify the movement of visitors between various points of interest, as well as to and from car parks.
  • Industrial sites: Transport staff from public transport stops to their place of work.
  • Shopping centres: Facilitate customer access to a shopping centre from a public transportation stop, and vice versa.

A winning service for everyone

Local transport authorities

Less congestion, reduced pollution, increased flexibility in terms of management: autonomous electric shuttles help local authorities innovatively adapt their transport offer to citizens' needs. Shuttles are environmentally friendly, and the impact on infrastructures can be easily managed. 


Autonomous shuttles simplify access for visitors, customers, and employees. They improve access and movement around large sites, and help optimise employees' working time.


Increased frequency, extended operating hours, and services to remote or difficult to access areas mean autonomous shuttles help increase customer satisfaction.

Keolis partners with the world leader in autonomous shuttles

Keolis has partnered with NAVYA to design and deploy its fleet of autonomous shuttles. This French company, specialised in the development of innovative mobility solutions, is the world leader in the field. In 2015, NAVYA launched Arma: the first mass-produced, 100% electric, driverless, autonomous shuttle. In September 2016, Keolis, Sytral (the city of Lyon’s public transport authority), and the Métropole de Lyon chose Arma for a one-year pilot service in the Confluence eco-district of Lyon.  The pilot is a world first, with electric, autonomous shuttles providing regular passenger transport services on a 1,350-metre stretch of public road.