Keolis: championing the integration of bicycles in multimodal networks
To support citizens’ changing mobility habits and the evolution of local council policies, Keolis provides Public Transport Authorities with customised solutions that integrate cycling in combination or connection with other transport modes (buses, metros, trams, trains).

Keolis est le n°2 des services de vélos en France

Keolis is the number two operator of bicycle services in France. Keolis networks offer a range of bicycle services, including:

  • Self-service bicycle schemes (hourly rental) in densely inhabited areas and town centres with multiple activity zones (housing, services, commerce, employment zones).
  • Short-term bicycle rental (weekly rentals) for always-available, occasional use.
  • Long-term bicycle rental for city dwellers, such as students, who need a bike all year long.
  • Adapted and modular parking solutions for both rental and personal bikes (from metal bike racks to covered, secured, bike parks), interconnected with the public transport network to provide citizens with seamless connections, from home to final destination.
  • These solutions can be combined to meet the full spectrum of user and local authority needs, and are complemented by a range of services, including guidance and advice, ticketing, information, personal bike maintenance, and provision of accessories and safety kits.

17 000
bicycles (self-service, long-term rental, electrically-assisted) managed by Keolis in 25 cities across France

Slideshow - A “Tour de France” of Keolis bicycles