Keolis: championing the integration of bicycles in multimodal networks
To support citizens’ changing mobility habits and the evolution of local council policies, Keolis provides Public Transport Authorities with customised solutions that integrate cycling in combination or connection with other transport modes (buses, metros, trams, trains).

The bicycle, a viable alternative to automotive vehicles

One of the three pillars of our programme Thinking like a Passenger is to offer more choice to passengers. For this, we are committed to developing alternative forms of mobility, including the bicycle, to revitalise poorly served areas and encourage  people not to use their cars. 

Accessible to passengers on a growing number of Keolis networks, such as Rennes, Amiens, Caen and Besançon, the bicycle is a service that meets the requirements of these cities’ residents, who want more mobility choices. We co-build urban transport networks with public transport authorities that integrate the bicycle as a mode of transport in its own right, like in Dijon, which has entrusted us with a global mobility contract including its system of short and long-term bike rentals.

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Keolis, n°2 bike service provider in France

Through our fully-owned subsidiary, Cykleo, we’re involved in the deployment of bicycle-related services at every stage – from design to operation. Depending on the network, our offer includes:

  • Self-service bicycle schemes in densely populated areas and town centres with multiple activity zones (homes, services, shops, offices).
  • Short-term bicycle rentals (weekly rentals), for always-available, occasional use.
  • Long-term bicycle rentals for city dwellers, such as students, who need a bike all year round.
  • dapted and modular bike parking solutions for both rented and personal bikes (from metal bike racks to covered, secured bike parks) connected to the public transport network for upstream and downstream connections (from home to final destination).

These different offers can be combined to meet the full spectrum of user and local authority needs, and are complemented by a range of services, including guidance and advice, ticketing, information, personal bike maintenance, and provision of accessories and safety kits.

Cykleo wins the Innovation Award at the European Mobility Exhibition

At the last European Mobility Exhibition 2018, Cykleo presented its bike escalator, an innovative system for effortlessly climbing up and down stairs or steep slopes with your bike. Out of 70 ideas submitted in the category Accessibility, Fittings, Facilities & Design, Cykleo’s bike escalator was selected and commended for its practicality which, as well as making it easier for cyclists to move around, allows bike parking facilities to be located in the basement or on a high floor, places that would otherwise be inaccessible to cyclists.

Slideshow - A “Tour de France” of Keolis bicycles