Keolis: a multimodal leader
Keolis has acquired a wealth of expertise operating multimodal networks in France, in major cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, and Lille. Today, the Group is increasingly using its multimodal know-how in international markets.

Keolis skilfully combines different modes (metro, tram, bus and bike-share bicycles) to provide passengers with reliable, seamless and complementary transport services within a city or region. But when it operates only some of a city or a region’s transport modes, as is often the case outside of France, the Group also knows how to integrate its offer with that of other operators. Therefore bringing citizens the best in efficient, integrated solutions.

Demand for this unique multimodal expertise is growing across the globe. Until recently, Keolis operated only buses in Denmark. But in 2014, the Group won the tender to operate the tram network in Aarhus, the country’s third largest city. And in Australia, where Keolis is historically present in the tram market, the Group became the country’s largest privately owned multimodal public transport operator in 2015, following the acquisition of ATE (a bus and coach operator in three Australian states).

  • 4 different modes (metro, tram, bus, trolleybus) operated in Lyon, the largest multimodal network in France after Paris
  • 3 different modes operated by Keolis UK (train, automated metro, tram)
  • 210,000 trips were made on Bordeaux’s river shuttles in 2015. These electric boats transport passengers across the Garonne, and form an integral part of the city’s multimodal network (tram, bus, city-centre shuttles, Park & Ride facilities, bike-share bicycles)