River and sea shuttles

Keolis on the water
Keolis uses the full spectrum of public transport modes to provide mobility solutions tailored to the specificities of each town, city, or region.

River and sea shuttles by Keolis

The Group operates three river and maritime shuttle networks: in Bordeaux river shuttles complement the city’s bus and tram services to provide direct and rapid connections between the banks of the river Garonne ; sea shuttles in Lorient and in the islands off Brittany’s Finistère coast make citizens’ daily lives easier, as well as enable holidaymakers to discover the region’s maritime heritage. River and sea shuttle services are integrated with local network timetables, ticketing, and fare structures, and embarkation ports are interconnected with other transport modes. Just as in its terrestrial operations, Keolis’ culture of innovation is also implemented on the water. In Bordeaux, the BatCub has its own dedicated Twitter account. And in April 2016 in Lorient, the Group achieved a world first in the public transport sector, with the launch of an electric boat that produces zero carbon emissions, capable of carrying up to 150 passengers.

icone transports

363 353
passengers per year - Bordeaux (river shuttles)

icone transports

networks in France and Australia
(Newcastle (Australia); Bayonne, Bordeaux, Lorient and off the coast of Finistère (France))

icone transports

328 000
passengers per year - Penn Ar Bed (sea shuttles)

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