Self-service vehicles and car-sharing schemes

A new approach to the car
Mobility solutions provider : Keolis helps reduce urban congestion and encourages solidarity and citizenship by providing local authorities with professionalised car-sharing and self-service car schemes, integrated with other transport modes.

Self-service vehicles: all the advantages of a car, without the constraints of ownership

Ready-to-use vehicles, including fuel and insurance, and the peace of mind of always finding a parking space. This solution is ideal for drivers who clock up less than 12,000 km per year, and can encourage them to abandon the purchase of a personal vehicle, or incite them to sell their second car. It also offers many advantages for companies; helping them to rationalise the use of their vehicle fleet, or to optimise parking spaces by encouraging employees to use self-service cars to travel together to work.

Car-sharing: traveling in good company

80% of drivers are alone in their car during their daily commute. Car-sharing (where a driver offers one or more seats to passengers in exchange for sharing fuel and toll costs) brings both economic and ecological benefits to a given area. Keolis has chosen to partner with the industry leader, Green Cove Engineering, to provide a professional, reliable, and customisable car-sharing offer to companies and local authorities.

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self-service car schemes under management or partnership: Bordeaux, Lille, Pau

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car-sharing service: Lens-Bethune

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people economises 1,500 parking spaces, 117 tons of CO2, and 91 to 140 euros per passenger