PlanBookTicket: a single app that makes the city more mobile

12-06-2018 modifié le 13-09-2018
True to its philosophy, "Thinking like a Passenger", Keolis seeks to respond to the major changes in public transport expected by passengers, in particular when it comes to new types of use generated by digital. Meet PlanBookTicket, the three-in-one solution for 100% connected travel, developed by Keolis and its subsidiary Kisio Digital.

Improving the customer experience 

With the explosion of the use of smartphones, digital has become an indispensable aid in our daily lives, especially when we travel. 65% of passengers use their smartphones while travelling. For Keolis, what could be more natural than harnessing the relationship between mobility and the mobile phone to make it a key component of the group’s customer experience policy?

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    icone gain

    65 %
    of passengers use their smartphone during their journey

    icone ticket

    23 %
    manage their journeys

    icone parking

    35 billion
    transport tickets available on mobile phones by 2019

The passenger journey entirely redesigned

Keolis has developed an offer of multi-device (web, mobile, tablet) services and solutions that combines, in a single app, the three essential steps in the daily life of a passenger using a public transport network: finding the right route (Plan), buying a ticket (Book) and validating it (Ticket).

  • Plan: get the information you need to find your way and get from A to B. Already deployed on over a dozen networks in France (including Lille, Bordeaux, Montargis, Orléans, Brest, Amiens, Quimper, Châteauroux and Bayonne), this solution includes a calculation of your itinerary by combining all the modes (bus, tram, metro, car, bicycle, walking, ridesharing), real-time information (timetables, traffic information, alerts) and access to points of interest in your immediate vicinity.
  • Book: buy a transport ticket on your smartphone. Access the online shop and pay by debit card, in complete security: a feature already connected to the Orléans and Montargis ticketing systems.
  • Ticket: use your smartphone to validate and use your transport ticket. Direct validation on your smartphone allows you to obtain a virtual transport ticket. To adapt to the characteristics of each network, the M-ticket is available in different formats: a barcode to be scanned directly by a validator (Orléans), a dynamic colour code for quick and efficient visual control (Montargis), or even NFC technology.