Pulse #4, New ideas to challenge daily mobility 

New ideas to challenge daily mobility

To feed reflection about mobility, that’s the real ambition of Pulse 


This biannual magazine draws on work by industry experts but also contributors from other fields to understand new trends and question preconceived ideas.   
You are the target audience: stakeholders, deciders and influencers of everyday mobility. Pulse aims to offer you a new perspective on our common challenges.


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The 4th edition is now available

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Lina Regental

Producer & Author

Chef, Community Volunteer, Conveyor of Messages, Electro Producer, Scapegoat. Is that a double rainbow? D:.

A summary of the second edition of Pulse

  • Articles on MaaS, Micromobility, Smart data, Nudge, Keoscopie International…
  • Interviews with Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager at MaaS Alliance, Jeremy Yap, Deputy Chief Executive of Public Transport, Policy and Planning at Land Transport Authority…
  • As well as other surprises to discover in this new edition.