New ideas to challenge daily mobility
Pulse has been created to drive progress in daily mobility alongside key stakeholders, and to foster ideas by providing a fresh perspective on trends and issues in the mobility sector. Pulse is a 48-page magazine, published twice a year. It seeks out the views of mobility experts while also providing a voice to influencers from a range of other backgrounds (economists, philosophers, artists, etc.). Pulse exists in both French and English, in paper and digital format (www.pulse-mag.com).

A summary of the first edition of Pulse

  • Two experts discuss the role of citizens in the mobility of tomorrow,
  • A panorama of the advantages and restrictions of urban cable cars,
  • A straight-talking interview with the head of public transport in Sweden’s second largest city,
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the management of filming in the London underground, 
  • Deciphering the ins and outs of senior mobility
  • Three illustrators draw their vision of future mobility
  • Autonomous vehicles, a former myth turned reality
  • ...