Silver Economy: Keolis Santé signs partnership with University of Technology of Troyes (UTT)

Keolis Santé has become a key actor in the silver economy by signing a partnership with the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT). Through this partnership, Keolis Santé and the UTT reinforce their commitment to improving the autonomy of older people.

Keolis Santé becomes a key actor in SilverTech 

In the context of an ageing French population, Keolis Santé, France’s leading operator of medical transport, has launched an R&D programme in partnership with the University of Technology of Troyes specifically aimed at facilitating the access of older populations to healthcare and anticipating the changing needs of patients regarding support and conditions of healthcare access. 
As a result, Keolis Santé is now a partner of the UTT’s SilverTech Chair, which offers specialised programmes in the domain of the silver economy (the ecosystem of older people). This symbolic and strategic partnership enables Keolis Santé, which already offers numerous solutions to optimise the autonomy of older people, to become a key player in the silver economy. 

A partnership to improve healthcare for older people 

The partnership, made possible by the UTT Foundation, will allow Keolis Santé, through research projects defined with UTT researchers, to:

  • benefit from analysis, design and evaluation methodologies developed by the UTT research teams in connection with its Living Lab ActivAgeing,
  • solicit the UTT research teams and their network of partners from the medical world to create, test and verify the medico-economic feasibility of new solutions and services aimed at facilitating autonomy and healthcare access for older people,
  • assess acceptance of the innovations envisaged by Keolis Santé by the medical world and by patients, 
  • access the UTT's network of sponsorship partners active in the field of the silver economy, gerontology and industry, and committed to the concept of "ageing well”.

Keolis Santé will also be involved in developing content for the UTT's educational courses focusing on silver technology: a specialised Master's degree and university degrees. These unique courses are designed to train technology innovation specialists dedicated to older people. 
Through this partnership, Keolis Santé and the UTT will contribute to:

  • Training specialists capable of proposing operational and technological innovations for older people.
  • Putting new technologies to good use, especially in the field of telemedicine, to strengthen the autonomy of older people and offer them easier access to care.

Keoscopie: Keolis' approach to understanding the needs of a fragile population 

This initiative, led by Keolis Santé, is an extension of Keoscopie, the Mobility Observatory created to decipher and better understand current issues and patterns of behaviour related to mobility. The studies conducted by Keoscopie have demonstrated the relevance of using digital or shared transport to improve travelling conditions for older people. 

Keolis is committed to promoting fluid and accessible mobility for all. This new partnership created by Keolis Santé is part of the same exploratory approach, proving the commitment of the Group’s health subsidiary to learn, innovate and contribute to the deployment of technological solutions and new services that efficiently deal with issues of healthcare access for this segment of the population.