Keolis, a Group where you can develop your skills
Public transport is a service industry, and Keolis’ performance, as well as customer satisfaction, depends primarily on the expertise of its workforce. That’s why skills development is at the heart of the Group’s human resource management policy, providing all employees, regardless of their profession, with learning opportunities throughout their career.

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more than 38 000
employees received professional development training in 2017, equivalent to 63% of the Group’s workforce.
Plus de 1 300 000 heures de formation délivrées en 2017

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campus in seven countries: France, Sweden, Germany, India, China, Australia, USA. 
Several hundred internal instructors worldwide, including 180 in France

Across the globe, Keolis invests heavily in training: a commitment to delivering the best performance for its customers, and ensuring the development and growth of each employee. 

A comprehensive training offer for all

Keolis accompanies every employee, from the time they join the company, and during all key moments in their career, thanks to a comprehensive department and managerial training offer. The approach covers all of the Group's activities: safety, driving, operations, customer culture and relationship, maintenance, rail regulation, finance, procurement, legal and HR…

From management basics to leadership skills, all our future managers - whether beginners or experienced - receive dedicated training.

Flagship programmes in France include START and CHALLENGE for junior and confirmed operational managers, as well as GO and MY LEADERSHIP for executives. Two programmes are oriented towards project management and performance: DRIVE caters to experienced executives, and D'FI is designed for new subsidiary managers.

Outside France, Keolis develops tailor-made immersion programmes, helping managers to rapidly develop their skills, and facilitating the matching of these skills between subsidiaries. These programmes use diverse, innovative, teaching methods, such as learning expeditions, mentoring, or business games.

Innovative teaching methods

We believe that everyone learns differently. That’s why we use mixed methods (blended learning). We employ a wide variety of tools and methodologies, and incorporate innovative measures when designing new training programmes. We also strive to adapt our teaching methods to the specificities of each of our subsidiaries worldwide.
For example, Keolis has invested in driving simulators. These systems allow employees to safely practice driving reflexes and techniques in a variety of situations, including potentially dangerous ones, such as emergency braking, respecting safety distances, or the presence of a pedestrian on the tracks.