Keolis is a global leader in the shared mobility market and a committed partner to public transport authorities. Together, we co-construct safe, smart and sustainable public transport solutions that help to create more attractive places to live and work.

A global leader in shared mobility

Keolis is the partner of public policymakers who seek to make shared mobility a driver for the appeal and vitality of their community. The world's leading operator of automatic metro systems and tramways, Keolis draws on a vigorous and open innovation policy with its partners and specialist subsidiaries - Cykleo, EFFIA, Hove, Keolis Santé and Kisio. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen its core business and develop new, innovative and bespoke shared mobility solutions: trains, buses and coaches, trolleybuses, on demand transport, PRM-specific services, river and sea shuttles, bike share and rental, car sharing, all-electric autonomous shuttles, etc.

Sustainable services to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Keolis develops and operates safe, smart and tailored shared mobility solutions in partnership with public transport authorities, aimed at meeting the needs of passengers, the constraints of local communities and the challenges of the world around us both today and tomorrow.

In keeping with our public service commitment, our objective is clear: offer appealing alternatives to private cars. With this goal in mind, we are focused on responding to the challenges of the mobility sector: the ecological transition, the digital transformation of lifestyles, the new expectations of citizens who want more flexibility and simplicity when they travel, operational excellence, security and public health.

Key figures

  • 68,100 employees in 13 countries
  • €7 billion revenue
  • ~ 1000km of tram lines across 29 networks
  • 5 regional rail networks with over 2,500 km of lines
  • 40,000bikes in France
  • ~ 450km of metro track in operation or under construction

Keolis provides a public service mission that fosters social inclusion and regional development, while contributing to the ecological transition.

Marie-Ange Debon, Chairwoman and Group CEO

The Keolis model

The Group’s corporate project Keolis Way has been deployed in more than 90% of its subsidiaries, illustrating a level of mobilisation commensurate with the challenges of a fast-evolving sector.

Our engagements

With its corporate purpose, Keolis sets out its own vision of mobility.