Progressing with Keolis

Career progress at Keolis

A leader in shared mobility, present in 13 countries, Keolis offers a wide variety of occupations in public transport. Joining us means having the opportunity to plan your future and to thrive as part of a global group. It means benefiting from a range of opportunities for professional development and geographical mobility, all in order to achieve your full potential.

Becoming part of Keolis

Feeling good about your work starts with being made to feel welcome. It also means sharing the same culture, values and conviction of serving the public interest. Each Keolis subsidiary offers its own induction programme, taking into account the profiles of newly arrived employees and local issues.

What our partners say


Maintenance worker

There's great team spirit and we get along well. I gradually learned the job and now I pass my experience on to newcomers, whether they're apprentices, interns, or new employees. 

The WelKome programme for managers

WelKome is our induction programme for all Keolis Group managers. Through a series of e-learning modules, a personalised HR meeting and three days of seminars at our head office and in the field, WelKome accomplishes several goals: understanding the Keolis Group and its areas of expertise, appropriating its values, becoming part of the Keolis community, and creating a professional network.

employee training with the Welkome program

Training and professional development at Keolis

Our career management has a personal touch. Each employee is supported at every key moment in their career and encouraged to progress through training. In 2020 in France for example, we invested 3.77% of the payroll in training - three times more than the legal requirement. Depending on what they need, our employees can choose the training course that suits them, such as skills development, moving on to positions of responsibility or a new job, well-being at work.

TBM sworn agent

Training courses for drivers

In addition to mandatory training, our drivers benefit from a range of complementary training courses. In particular, as they are in direct contact with passengers, we help them to perfect their interactions with customers. To complete their training, the Keolis Institute has eight real-life simulators to train coach and bus drivers in continuous driving improvement, eco-driving, defensive driving and driving electric and alternative energy buses.  These innovative training tools adapt to the drivers' profiles and include simulations featuring adverse weather and other dangerous scenarios.

driver training

Our training organisms

 • The Keolis Institute: an in-house training institute for all employees, offering 350 different courses.  We provide a truly tailor-made training course that supports each individual in their career.

 The Keolis Graduate Programme or "Pépinière": designed to train our future managers and experts in operations, maintenance, marketing and mass transit. These courses, which last from 12 to 24 months, are divided into periods of practical teaching and immersion in the field to help young graduates gain a better understanding of transport professions. In total, more than 100 former young graduates now have permanent positions in the Keolis Group.

Keolis Mobilities Campus: an apprentice training centre (CFA) dedicated to the profession of road public transport driving, for training our own drivers either internally or through apprenticeships.

Aiding and encouraging internal mobility

Would you like to move on to a position that offers increased responsibility, a change of cities or even a whole new profession? All our employees have access to a Keolis Group job board, where they can consult and apply for vacancies. Each individual also benefits from scheduled one-to-one dialogue with their manager to discuss their professional plan, performance and development needs.  In addition, if an employee moves to another city or country to join a subsidiary, the Keolis Group offers assistance, such as relocation support.

Céline Bieber

Group Director, Recruitment, Mobility and Talent Management

It's thanks to the know-how and expertise of the men and women of Keolis that the Keolis Group is able to develop worldwide. Each newly won contract generates professional opportunities for our employees.