Our commitments to passengers: increasing their satisfaction

Changing lifestyles and travel habits, local authorities seeking to relieve city-centre congestion and open up the suburbs, passengers requiring greater reassurance in terms of safety and security... For all these reasons, Keolis is committed to designing and operating mobility services that meet the needs of all citizens, while offering the most attractive mobility experience possible to encourage the modal shift.

Placing passengers at the heart of our transport offer, right from design

The program "Thinking like a Passenger" places the passenger at the heart of what we do. It aims to keep three promises: "Collective design", "Smart choices" and "Richer experience", each one broken down into specific commitments. The programme is created in partnership with our 300 subsidiaries and is constantly  improving as a result of their practices. It helps each  subsidiary design and operate transport networks that are adapted to the characteristics of local communities and address every citizen's individual needs.

Listening and observing to provide a better response to citizens' needs

From network design to passenger experience, the Keolis Group is committed to enhancing the appeal of public transport through an approach based on listening and co-construction. Listening to "the voice of the passenger" is crucial to understanding their expectations and constructing tailor-made mobility policies. This is why, on behalf of the public transport authorities, we carry out qualitative & quantitative surveys to deepen our understanding of local communities and changes in lifestyle and mobility, organise public debates which might include citizens who do not use transport and develop ways to listen (via QR codes for example) to encourage passengers to voice their expectations or complaints.

Customer satisfaction survey

Deciphering weak signals and identifying mobility trends

Over the course of the contracts entrusted to us, to develop a more customized response to citizens' expectations in the domain of shared transport, we created Keoscopie. Our mobility studies analyse socio-demographic changes in local communities and their impact on mobility trends. Keoscopie is a genuine monitoring and prospecting tool which pools data from external studies such as INSEEand IPSOS, research conducted by Keolis and analysis of ticketing systems and GPS mobile traces. At the same time, our subsidiary Kisio assists mobility actors in conducting studies and developing their strategy. It does this by analysing journeys, collecting passengers' opinions and using all the mobility data that Keoscopie provides.

Developing inclusive mobility

Often invisible, sometimes hidden, temporary or permanent, vulnerabilities are rarely taken fully into consideration. This is why we act on a daily basis to make our networks more accessible for vulnerable people and develop solutions that meet their specific needs. And because inclusive mobility is also understood collectively, Keolis works with the public transport authorities to bring communities closer together, reduce the disparities that divide them and offer customised solutions for even the least populated areas.

mobility assistance in public transport

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