Our commitments
Keolis, committed to more secure, more sustainable mobility

In a changing world, faced with a pressing need to tackle climate change, we are committed to working alongside our partners, the Public Transport Authorities. to offer safer, more attractive and more sustainable public transport. Our action is firmly rooted in our history, culture and daily work and aims to increase passenger satisfaction, contribute to the growth of local communities, support our employees' professional development and protect the environment.

Our commitments to passengers

Changing lifestyles and travel habits, local authorities seeking to relieve city-centre congestion and open up the suburbs, passengers requiring greater reassurance in terms of safety and security... For all these reasons, Keolis is committed to designing and operating mobility services that meet the needs of all citizens, while offering the most attractive mobility experience possible to encourage the modal shift.

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Our commitments to local communities

Public transport authorities need to address the challenges of the ecological transition, economic and social development and citizens' changing expectations regarding mobility. This places Keolis as an ideal partner for co-constructing efficient, tailor-made, sustainable and inclusive transport solutions.

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Our commitments to our employees

Given that we need to renew a quarter of our total workforce over the next ten years, we are transforming our businesses by boosting the appeal of our sector via a redesigned HR policy. The aim? To offer our employees the right conditions for their professional future and personal development and to become "the best place to work" in the mobility sector. 

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Our environmental commitments

Faced with the environmental emergency, population growth and urbanisation, we are committed to developing more sustainable mobility. The aim? To become the leader in low-carbon mobility and, in partnership with the local authorities, build transport networks that are more respectful of public health and the environment. 

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