Keolis' governance is conducted by three governing bodies: the Supervisory Board, the Executive Committee and the Executive Leadership Team.

An ethical approach to business conduct and management

Sound business ethics underpin the Keolis Group both organisationally and operationally.  The Keolis Group consists of the company GROUPE KEOLIS S.A.S. and all the companies in the Keolis, Keomotion and EFFIA branches. Adopting an ethical approach to our activity Is everyone's responsibility and the Keolis Group expects exemplary behaviour from its employees, business partners and suppliers in this domain.

Stable, balanced corporate governance

GROUPE KEOLIS S.A.S is a simplified joint stock company. It is managed by an Executive Board, comprising a single member, Marie-Ange Debon. The Company also has a Supervisory Board which, pursuant to legal and statutory provisions, has the role of supervising the work of the Executive Board. Since 15 January 2021, the Supervisory Board has been chaired by Jérôme Tolot. The strategic directions of the Keolis Group are driven by two steering and advisory bodies: the Executive Committee and the Executive Leadership Team. The balance struck between the governing bodies, which work in close collaboration, ensures the stability of the company's governance.

Supervisory Board members

The Supervisory Board oversees the work of the Executive Board and approves strategic decisions.

  • Jérôme TOLOT, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Patrick BASTIEN, Director of Infrastructure, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)

  • Stéphanie BENHAMOU, Senior Director, Infrastructure at CDPQ

  • Christophe FANICHET, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs

  • Sylvia METAYER, non-executive Board member, former senior executive at Sodexo

  • Robert TESSIER, non-executive Board member

  • Laurent TREVISANI, Deputy CEO Financial Strategy, SNCF Group

  • Nathalie WRIGHT, non-executive Board member

  • Carolle FOISSAUD, Deputy CEO in charge of the executive coordination of the group Teréga

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of ten members and drives Keolis' strategic direction and governance in close consultation with the Supervisory Board. It has two objectives: promote the group's development and implement its strategy of continuous improvement. Its members are:

Executive Leadership Team

Comprising the members of the Executive Committee and eight additional members, the Executive Leadership Team contributes to the definition and implementation of the Group’s strategic orientations. The eight additional members are:

Regional Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
Alistair GORDON
CEO Keolis UK, Middle East & India
Keolis Belgium and Continental Europe consultant
CEO Keolis North America
Deputy CEO France, Territories branch
Deputy CEO France, Greater Paris region
Managing Director, Keolis Lyon
Deputy CEO France, Grands Urbains branch