Our commitments to our employees

developing talent

Given that we need to renew a quarter of our total workforce over the next ten years, we are transforming our businesses by boosting the appeal of our sector via a redesigned HR policy. The aim? To offer our employees the right conditions for their professional future and personal development and to become "the best place to work" in the mobility sector. 

Supporting the career development of each employee

We listen to our employees and are committed to developing their skills, fostering their professional development and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Our collaborators say it best

Nordine Kada

Supervisor, Keolis Châteauroux (France)

I'm involved in testing new models of autonomous shuttles, some of which have never been used in France. Keolis is one of the few companies I know that allows you to train and progress, even when, like me, you don't have any qualifications to begin with.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees

Ensuring the safety and health of our employees is a constant concern for all our teams around the world. Through targeted training programmes and awareness-raising activities, we  strive to prevent the risk of accidents at work and protect our employees' physical and mental health. Our management teams are also trained and mobilised in guaranteeing the health and safety of their employees at work.

A woman on a bicycle

Guaranteeing a level playing field for everyone

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. As a result, we recruit candidates with varying profiles and offer everyone the opportunity to develop professionally on an equal basis.

For over ten years, we've been taking action to promote professional equality between genders. In 2018, we became the first public transport operator to be awarded the GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) label. In order to give each person the opportunity to get a job and develop their career exclusively on the basis of skill, Keolis acts against all forms of discrimination related to gender, age, sexual orientation, origin or disability. For example, we provide our subsidiaries with a catalogue of tools featuring items like self-diagnosis guides and training programmes, such as the awareness-raising e-learning module, "Living diversity together".

Our collaborator say it best

Tiphaine David Le Mahier

Group Differentiation and Commitment Manager

The transparency and fairness of our HR and management processes make Keolis an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued for their skills, commitment and performance.