Our commitments to local communities

Contributing to their development

Public transport authorities need to address the challenges of the ecological transition, economic and social development and citizens' changing expectations regarding mobility. This places Keolis as an ideal partner for co-constructing efficient, tailor-made, sustainable and inclusive transport solutions.

The preferred partner of public transport authorities

We want to turn shared, sustainable mobility into a lever to enhance the vitality of local communities. This is why we forge a robust partnership with each public transport authority, in order to build tailor-made solutions together that meet their needs. This partnership is based on dialogue, listening, co-construction and transparency. And because a transport solution needs to be economically viable for the community, we implement the appropriate cost control and revenue optimisation mechanisms.

the tram at night

Offering modes of transport tailored to each community

Based on our multimodal approach to mobility, we devise solutions tailored to the requirements of each community including high-capacity transport modes serving the most densely populated zones, combined with flexible and agile modes in less frequented areas. To enhance our offer, we have developed a unique methodology for designing and transforming a transport network to take better account of the characteristics and developments of each community. Entitled Neolis, this approach is based on marketing and sociological surveys, as well as consultation with stakeholders and local communities.

fil bleu a service operated by keolis

Supporting the energy transitions of local communities

To support the public transport authorities in their desire to protect the environment, we strive to offer them energy-efficient mobility solutions that are as low-carbon as possible. Without prioritising one energy over another, we provide our expertise regarding diesel alternatives and advise them on the best possible choice of energies, technologies and partners based on the characteristics of their community and budgets.

tram network operated by keolis

Contributing to local, sustainable employment

As a major employer in many regions, we strike up partnerships with local and national employment players. Their contribution helps us fine-tune our search for candidates who aim to enter the different transport professions, offering attractive, lasting careers to citizens living in the local region.

Guaranteeing operational excellence

Every new public transport contract we win commits us to a process of continuous improvement, optimising the economic and operational efficiency of our customers' networks. Our aim?  To ensure the profitability of investments entrusted to us by public transport authorities. This operational efficiency depends on a high-quality, punctual, reliable, efficient service that appeals to and retains customers, control of our operating costs and optimal asset management.

train station and station platform

Optimising asset performance in local communities

Rolling stock, infrastructure, IT systems and technical buildings: asset management is a key issue for local authorities. To optimise long-term asset availability and performance, we have developed unique expertise in asset management. This expertise means we can assist our PTA partners in developing their investment and modernisation strategies, defining their preventive and predictive maintenance policies and providing assistance in project management. 

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