The different professions of Keolis

A profession, an experience

Keolis employees occupy dozens of different professions around the world. Professions that offer access to a wealth of shared experience and missions of all kinds and professional on an everyday basis.

What our partners say


Supervisor, Keolis Châteauroux

I joined Keolis 20 years ago and got my bus driver's permit. Today, I'm in a charge of a team. I've recently taken quite a few training courses to become an autonomous shuttle operator


Maintenance worker

I'm proud of how far I've come. Starting out with a vocational certificate and now I'm close to becoming a team leader which isn't bad. What I love about my job is that there's always something to learn. 

The operational professions

Driver, regulator, dispatch planner and supervisor - operations are Keolis' core business. Our expertise is recognised worldwide, and we pass on the benefits of our know-how to 10 million passengers every day.

driver at keolis

The maintenance professions

Mechanic, warehouse clerk, electrician, workshop manager: maintenance is vital for safety on our public transport networks, for the quality of the service we deliver to our passengers and for our financial performance. We aim for excellence in all areas of maintenance, drawing on proven methods upscaled across a worldwide footprint.

a maintenance agent at keolis

The marketing professions

Market researcher, offer manager, customer acquisition and loyalty officer: marketing at Keolis is about understanding and anticipating our passengers' needs, as well as those of our partners, the public transport authorities. This is crucial to offer them mobility solutions that are innovative, efficient, diversified and, above all, adapted to their circumstances.

a marketing manager at keolis

The other support functions

We harness the potential of information systems to work on innovative projects in a world in the throes of digital transformation, as well as projects in sectors like finance, human resources, engineering, operational management, business development, legal, health, safety and environment. Keolis is home to dozens of other professions leading to rewarding careers, whatever your profile.

a maintenance agent at keolis