Keolis: a committed, responsible employer

To serve local communities and local employment, Keolis ensures that every employee has a fulfilling professional experience, develops their skills and takes charge of their career.

Contributing to local economic development

Wherever we are present, we participate in the life and economic development of local communities in partnership with over 300 public transport authorities across 13 countries. By offering efficient mobility solutions, we make journeys easier for people within regions, while helping to preserve the environment they live in. By recruiting our employees from the very heart of the areas in which we operate, we help to create local, sustainable jobs. We make it possible for people to work close to where they live, while offering them the chance to develop their careers and, if they wish, opportunities for geographical mobility.

What our partners say


Manager, Methods & Scheduling division

I joined Keolis as a driver in Tours. Keolis supported my professional and geographical mobility. 18 years on, I'm in charge of the Methods and Scheduling division. " Bruno, Manager, Methods and Scheduling division.

two bus attendants

Rejecting discrimination 

For Keolis, promoting professional equality, diversity and inclusion means providing employment opportunities for everyone. It also means allowing for everyone to advance exclusively on the basis of ability, free of any form of discrimination based on gender, origin, age, disability or sexual orientation. We encourage diversity in all its forms, reflecting the company and its passengers.

Giving everyone the same chance

Keolis has been committed to gender equality for over ten years. In 2016, it became the first public transport operator to be certified by the GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) label. Our goals are the same all over the world:

• Increasing female representation in jobs and the recruitment process

• Ensuring equal pay and equal access to training, promotion and professional development

• Fighting sexist behaviour and sexual harassment

87% of our employees currently work for an entity certified by the GEEIS label with the certification process underway in the remaining entities.

internal mobility at keolis

Encouraging all forms of diversity

Age, origin or disability: depending on its local circumstances, some of our subsidiaries focus their action on one of our specific diversity goals. In 2020, for example, 15 refugees were recruited and trained as drivers in the Netherlands as a result of the Keolis Group's partnership with Tent, a global organisation that specialises in the professional integration of refugees. In the UK, Nottingham Tram has joined the Disability Confident Scheme, a UK government certification recognising a company's commitment to integrating people with disabilities in the workforce. In France, the Provence sector teams up with local associations to offer work placements for disabled people. All our subsidiaries have tools at their disposal, in line with the requirements of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to help them recruit and encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Keolis Employee Reviews

Giving every employee the chance to progress in the Keolis Group

We help our employees to think about the future and thrive as part of the Keolis Group. Our training programmes allow everyone to build a career that suits them, with fair rules for  all and personalised support for skills development. In a rapidly changing sector, we prepare our employees for changes in their jobs linked to the energy transition, digital technology and new forms of mobility. For example, we provide over ten training courses for drivers on topics such as eco-driving, accessibility or customer relations.

Promoting well-being at work

Just like safety, our employees' physical and mental health and their work-life balance are of paramount importance to Keolis. We pay attention to the well-being of each employee and are committed to constructive social dialogue, while taking initiatives to improve everyone's daily working lives. Since 2019, once a year, we have been measuring our employees' perceptions in four key areas: commitment, employer brand, management and quality of life at work. This survey is part of a process of continuous improvement and exchange of good practices between subsidiaries.

well-being promoted at keolis

Key figures:

  • 90%
    of employees work in a country certified for gender equality at work in 2023
  • 3.77%
    of the payroll invested in training, three times more than the French legal requirement
  • 61%
    of employees trained in 2020
  • 350
    programmes offered by the Keolis Institute
two maintenance workers