Innovation at Keolis

Keolis puts people at the heart of innovation. The Group has deployed an innovation ecosystem to invent new practical services and solutions for the various modes of transport, in tune with passenger expectations and the challenges facing each community.

Open by Keolis : promoting a collaborative approach

Open by Keolis: promoting collaborative innovation to address mobility challenges

In partnership with public transport authorities, Keolis is developing the "Open Labs by Keolis" network of innovative laboratories, which actively involve community partners (local authorities, start-ups, non-profits, academic partners), employees and passengers in an uninterrupted innovative solution creation process.

Open by Keolis fosters a collaborative and immersive approach to innovation. Its role is to transform ideas into tangible projects that tackle the current and future challenges facing communities.

The labs, or think tanks

These labs, created locally in various forms, share the same convictions and values by pooling experience. Each lab is designed to meet the specific needs of its local community, thereby fostering pertinent and tailored innovation.

Keolis drives this dynamic across the company, promoting the design of user-centric solutions, test-and-learn processes and the rapid emergence of innovative projects.

This model enables new uses and new technologies to be seamlessly integrated into transport networks to ensure safer, more sustainable and more attentive mobility for all.

On 28 April 2024, the TBMOUV ! Lab was officially opened in the premises of Technowest, the Mérignac startup incubator, with teams from Bordeaux Métropole, the Keolis Group and its subsidiary in Bordeaux

This agile Innovation Lab is already making it possible to bring together the region’s key economic players from various fields (including startups, SMEs and mid-sized companies) and connect them with institutional partners (such as Bordeaux Métropole and the University of Bordeaux) to develop innovative solutions for the future of mobility.

The TBMOUV ! Lab focuses on optimising services to users, transport efficiency, safety and security, and sustainable development.

Key figures

  • 6innovation labs
  • 200partners
  • 180 « Inno Leaders » to support project developers
  • 50 events dedicated to innovation in 2023