Become supplier
To contact Keolis Group purchase team, please follow the different steps below.

Supplier evaluation Criteria

To meet the expectations of its internal clients, the Group Purchasing Department adapts its selection process according to the needs and strategic issues of each specific purchase. The following evaluation criteria are used:

  • Quality

  • Cost and competitiveness

  • Logistics

  • Finance

  • Management

  • Innovation and development capacity

  • Sustainable development

Keolis purchasing categories

Production Purchases

These purchases are directly related to the operating activity of networks, and include:

  • On-board equipment, video systems, PRM equipment, etc.

  • Ticketing (equipment and consumables)

  • Equipment and maintenance tools

  • Lubricants and fluids

  • Rolling stock (buses, coaches, bikes, spare parts, etc.)

  • Guided transport (trams, metros, trains, spare parts, etc.)

Non-production purchases

These purchases are used in the general operation of the Group, and are not directly related to operating activities:

  • IT and telecoms

  • Facilities and general supplies

  • Temporary staff and training

  • Intellectual services

  • Communication and marketing

  • Energy: electricity, gas, etc.

4 steps to register your company

  1. Initial contact
    Contact our Purchasing Department by sending an email.

  2. Pre-selection
    If your purchasing category meets current needs you will receive an RFI (request for information) from our Purchasing Department.

  3. Consultation and negotiation
    If your company is pre-selected on the basis of the RFI, Keolis will then send you a consultation document (DCE). The negotiation phase can then begin.

  4. Contract
    If your company is selected following the negotiation phase, it will be referenced for a given period, according to contractual terms.