On 15 May 2024, Chuanfa Shenkai, joint venture of Shanghai Keolis, started operating and maintaining Dujiangyan tramway network, in the province of Sichuan, southwest in China. Awarded in May 2022, this is the second Operation Group’s contract outside Shanghai.

Following two years of construction of the network and trams under Shanghai Keolis’ supervision, the first line opened to the public will provide a convenient and pleasant transit travel solution for the city’s 0.72 million inhabitants and for the several millions of tourists visiting the city every year, who could make use of the open payment solutions. The total length of Dujiangyan M-TR Project tourism passenger line is 17.3 km, including 13.8 km of the main line (Bajiao Temple station to Mt.Qingcheng station), which involves four elevated sections, and 3.5 km of Dujiangyan branch line (South Cultural Tourism City station to Zijingcheng station).

The new tramway network serves two famous touristic areas: the Dujiangyan irrigation system, listed as an Unesco world heritage site together with the Qingcheng Mountains scenic area, but also the recreation area of “Happy Valley”. It is also connected with highspeed railway at three stations: Guanxian Gucheng station,

Dujiangyan railway station and Mt.Qingcheng station. Early in March 2024, DJY-Rail Transit carried out a four-day M-TR line trial experience activities. During the test ride, a total of almost 300 departures have been performed, transporting more than 10,000 passengers, the on-time rate and the realizing rate of the map were 100%.

Key Figures

  • Three-yearcontract
  • 17.3 kmopen
  • 21stations open
  • 22trams provided by CRRC
  • 10 millionpassengers expected per year
  • 192employés