100% electric suburban bus network won in Northern Denmark

29th June 2022

On March 2022, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT), the public transport authority for Northern Denmark, awarded Keolis a new contract to operate and maintain a fossil free network of 31 buses in Northern Jutland, which notably covers Aalborg and its surroundings1.
The contract begins on 1st August 2022 and is valid for ten years (plus six years as an option). By 1st April 2023, the entire fleet will be converted to electric power.

An all-electric regional bus network

The network consists of 31 vehicles and comprises seven routes, all of which are connected to the railway and bus station in Aalborg, the fourth-largest city in the country. The buses serve a large part of the region, which has a population of 500,000, and cover approximately four million kilometres per year.

Through this contract, Keolis will contribute to the renewal of the network's fleet, which will run exclusively on electric power by 1st April 2023. The new electric buses are the new and innovative model 3.0 launched by Ebusco late 2021. Composite material and carbon parts reduces drastically the weight of the bus which enables higher passenger capacity and longer range. The depot, in Tylstrup, will be equipped with a charging infrastructure for approximately ten electric vehicles.

Keolis will take on 90 new members of staff as part of the contract, including 80 drivers.

15 years of operations in Denmark

This contract serves to strengthen Keolis' status as an operator of carbon-free public transport in Denmark and illustrates the Keolis Group's current dynamic in the country:

- In Odense, Keolis introduced a fleet of 20 electric buses in May 2021

- In the Greater Copenhagen area, the Keolis Group started operating a network of 42 electric buses in June 2021

- In the Northern Jutland region, Keolis started operating a network of 67 buses running on HVO biofuel in August 2021.

Keolis has been present in Denmark since 2007, employing 1,800 people and operating approximately 550 buses in more than ten2 cities, as well as the country's first tram network in Aarhus. The Keolis Group also launched the country's second tram network, in Odense, at the end of May.

Key figures for the Northern Jutland bus network

  • 10-year contract (+6 as an option)

  • 7 lines

  • 31 vehicles

  • 90 employees

  • Approximately 4 million km per year