The Keolis global mobility contract renewed in Dijon

15th December 2022

- Dijon Métropole, the authority covering the Dijon metropolitan area, has renewed its trust in Keolis for the operation of its “global mobility” contract. This is the only contract of its kind in France, grouping together public transport, car parking and the bicycle service under the DiviaMobilités brand.

- The new seven-year public service contract will begin on 1 January 2023.

- Keolis will support Dijon Métropole in developing its innovative global mobility offering and its innovation and energy transition ambitions.

Dijon Métropole has been rolling out a “global mobility” plan since 2017, aiming to facilitate travel within the metropolitan area while encouraging users to choose low-impact and shared means of transport rather than private cars: trams, buses, bikes or walking. Under the renewed contract, Keolis will continue to support the authority in achieving these goals and increasing the use of public transport. This will include improving services to key centres of attraction. Network performance will also be optimised with new transport-on-demand services.

Encouraging multimodal digital mobility

To simplify transitions from one mode of transport to another, “multimodal” tickets will be extended across the network. At the same time, Keolis will support Dijon Métropole’s ambition of achieving a 12% modal share for cycling by 2030 thanks to a diversified range of bike services. Keolis also plans to modernise the ticketing system, enabling all DiviaMobilités tickets and passes to be bought and topped up directly from a smartphone. A single account for passenger customers incorporating customer profiles, purchases, bookings, consumption management and favourites will make the experience even easier. Travel information will also be improved, with better integration of all modes – including walking – into the route calculator and real-time information about disruptions. These new features will be available on the website and in the DiviaMobilités mobile app.

An innovative network focused on the energy transition and hydrogen

Dijon Métropole lays claim to strong ambitions for the energy transition, including developing the production and use of hydrogen. Keolis will support the authority in setting up a project aiming to deploy a fleet of green hydrogen-powered buses. The group is working with the authority on converting the maintenance workshops, providing staff training, and organising the optimum operation of these new buses.

Key figures for the Divia Mobilités network

  • 2 tram lines

  • Bus network: 8 Lianes, 9 urban lines, 9 lines on reservation, 5 Flexo lines, 1 night line, 1 city centre shuttle

  • 10 underground car parks, 9,425 on-street spaces (after the January 2023 extensions)

  • 400 self-service bikes and 800 bikes for long-term lease