Innovating for mobility

Keolis enhances everyday life in cities and communities by imagining and operating safe, smart and sustainable mobility solutions accessible to each and everyone. This ambition is driven by real initiatives at all levels of the company, an ecosystem of specialised partners, and an approach based on open innovation.

Innovation at Keolis: a collective mindset

Innovation is an integral part of Keolis' DNA and its corporate purpose and a major lever for our development. Each of our subsidiaries and business lines innovates to improve the passenger experience, address the concerns of public transport authorities (PTAs) and enhance our operational performance. Innovation is also a key to the success of our energy transition strategy and limiting our environmental impact.

Arnaud Julien

Chief Innovation, Data and Digital Officer at Keolis

The culture of innovation is well established at Keolis, in each local community, subsidiary and business line. 

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Connecting with innovation ecosystems to develop the solutions of the future

To perfect new solutions and address new types of transport use, we've adopted an approach based on open innovation. We discuss, share and  test initiatives with public transport and local authorities, start-ups, universities, associations and passengers. This is all with the aim of building shared, inclusive and sustainable mobility together.  These collaborations are nourished by our experience in data management,  buildingstrong partnerships with the PTAs and knowledge of local communities and passengers. Our partners contribute their wealth of expertise and experience in innovation and harnessing new technologies.

Replicating innovative practices within the Keolis Group

The Keolis Innovation Club brings together more than 120 innovation ambassadors from around the world, fostering creativity and encouraging people to share experiences. The club is a place for people  to meet and exchange ideas. It has two goals:  encouraging each subsidiary to put forward value-generating ideas and identifying innovative practices that can be replicated in other subsidiaries.

Making data a crucial ally in our innovation process

Data is a fantastic lever for innovation. It helps us to adjust offers, gain a better understanding of types of transport use and improve control of operations. As shown by the data collected in our vehicles, which offers a real-time and predictive view of the number of passengers on board. The data can also be used to deploy connected, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Focusing on ow-tech innovation to meet basic needs

New technology is key to developing new solutions. However, our innovation is also based on a low-tech approach, known as "frugal innovation". "Nudges" are an example of this. The idea is to change people's behaviour by giving them a  small "nudge" with prompts such as sound messages, stickers or signs. This is a gentle and often inexpensive method based on behavioural science. It encourages individuals to adopt positive behaviour, without ever forcing it upon them.