New passenger transport and car park contract at Mont-Saint-Michel

27th September 2022

• The Mont-Saint-Michel management authority has entrusted the operation and maintenance of the car parks and transport lines serving the Mont-Saint-Michel site to Keolis and its subsidiary Effia.
• The five-year concession contract will begin in October 2022 and generate total revenue of around €26 million. The contract covers three transport lines and over 5,000 parking spaces.

Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, an internationally renowned site of cultural, natural and heritage importance, welcomes several million visitors a year. To meet the needs of the Mont-Saint-Michel management authority, Keolis will offer a service operating 24/7, adapting to the high levels of seasonal variation in visitor numbers. The digital service will enable online bookings for parking spaces, transport and even a kennel for pets while providing real-time passenger information including traffic levels and waiting times.

Keolis will support the management authority in its ambitions for the energy transition, deploying biofuel-powered vehicles by 2023 and ultimately rolling out the technology across its whole fleet.

Using artificial intelligence, Keolis will also provide more accurate forecasts of peaks in visitor numbers. Targeted use of data will make it possible to anticipate traffic to the site more precisely and deploy just the right level of human and technical resources to welcome visitors. To achieve this, the Group has signed a partnership with a French start-up, specialising in data management.

Key figures for the contract

  • Over 5,000 parking spaces

  • 15 vehicles

  • €26 million of cumulative revenue

  • 400,000 kilometres travelled per year

  • 1.6 million journeys planned every year

  • 1 free line from the car parks around Mont-Saint-Michel (“Le Passeur”)

  • 1 line from the SNCF station in Pontorson to Mont-Saint-Michel

  • 1 line reserved for Mont-Saint-Michel residents and employees

  • 1 night-time on-demand transport service as a virtual line

  • 48 to 80 employees depending on the tourist season

  • 5 secure bike lockers

  • 1 kennel service