About us

Keolis is the world leader in trams and automated metros, and transports 3 billion passengers annually, across 16 countries

An international Group

The Keolis Group is a world leader in public transport operations. Present in 16 countries, Keolis operates urban, suburban, and regional networks on behalf of 300 local authorities. The Group carries over 3 billion passengers every year.

Keolis, a multimodal leader

The pioneer and world leader in automated metros is also the worldwide leader in trams. Keolis manages tram networks across the globe, including the world’s largest in Melbourne (250km of track). The Group operates a total of ten different transport modes (metro, tram, train, bus, car, bicycle...) and uses its intermodal know-how around the world. 

Group shareholders

The Keolis Group is 70% owned by SNCF and 30% by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).

Keolis’ DNA

Keolis’ 63,000 employees all share one common goal: to provide passengers with a rewarding travel experience. This ambition is founded on proven industrial expertise and a clearly defined vision for the future of public transport. Keolis is committed to building sustainable, connected mobility solutions. The Group works hand-in-hand with local authorities to imagine efficient, responsible networks that continuously adapt to passengers’ changing lifestyles and help make public transport increasingly attractive.


The Keolis Group is also :

- EFFIA, the second biggest car parking operator in France. The subsidiary manages 141,000 spaces across 360 car parks, including numerous Park & Ride facilities. EFFIA’s intermodal approach to parking is an integral part of the Group’s overall vision of urban mobility and the transport chain.

- Kisio, is the Group’s dedicated Solutions and Services subsidiary, created in 2015.  Kisio works in close collaboration with clients, and uses digital technologies, consulting, support, and analysis to design and build increasingly flexible and customised mobility solutions: "Responsive Locomotion."

Cykleo,  Keolis’ subsidiary dedicated to design and operation of services and infrastructure for shared mobility

LeCab, the leading Parisian private driver service (VTC)

Key player in bike solutions


VTC: comfortable, reliable and affordable.


Parking at the heart of mobility


Pioneer in reponsive transport