Declaration of accessibility

Keolis is committed to making its website accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with article 47 of the law n° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005. To this end, Keolis is working on its multi-annual accessibility plan and annual action plans which will be available on this page shortly.

This accessibility declaration applies to the Keolis website ( It was published on 07/01/2022.

Compliance status

The Keolis website ( is partially compliant with the General Accessibility Standard, RGAA version 4.1, due to the non-conformities listed in the section "Test results".

Test results

The compliance audit carried out by the company Access42 reveals that the site is 56.67% compliant with the RGAA version 4.1.

Inaccessible content

The contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons.

Non conformities

  • An image has no alternative;

  • Information is conveyed only by colour;

  • Text and interface components have insufficient contrast;

  • A video has no text transcript or audio description;

  • Links have no title or no explicit title;

  • JavaScript features do not support assistive technologies (including carousels, show and hide content, and tab systems) or make inappropriate use of ARIA properties;

  • Pages contain source code errors;

  • Pages do not have a relevant page title;

  • Language changes in the text are not reported;

  • Pages use tags for presentation purposes (e.g. empty paragraphs or unstructured text in paragraph tags);

  • Pages have an irrelevant title hierarchy (missing or ill-defined titles);

  • The structure and main areas of pages are poorly defined;

  • Sequences of elements are not structured with lists;

  • HTML presentation attributes are present in some pages;

  • Contents are not presented in a logical order in the source code.

  • Some texts with a defined background colour do not have an associated font colour;

  • Some content is lost when the pages are zoomed to 400%;

  • Some pages have a loss of information and readability when text spacing properties are applied;

  • Some additional content appearing on hover or focus is not reachable with the keyboard or is not controllable by the user;

  • Form fields do not have a properly linked label;

  • Input aids are missing for fields that expect a particular format, mandatory fields are not correctly indicated and error messages are not linked to the corresponding fields;

  • Some form fields that expect personal data from the user are not identified.

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

  • Maps on the homepage and on the "Full map" page (reason: maps with alternative);

  • Twitter news feeds (reason: third-party content);

  • The reCAPTCHA frame (reason: third-party content);

  • The frame of the "Full map" page (pattern: generated by the Gatsby tool).

Establishment of this accessibility declaration

This declaration was established on 07/01/2022. It was updated on 09/12/2022.

Technologies used to create the site

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Content management tool: Dato CMS

User agents and assistive technologies used to verify accessibility

The web page tests were carried out with the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers:

  • Firefox 95 and NVDA 2021.3 ;

  • Firefox 95 and JAWS 2020;

  • Safari 15.0 and VoiceOver (macOS Big Sur version 11.6);

  • Chrome 96.0 and TalkBack (latest version, native Android 10).

The accessibility check is the result of manual testing, assisted by tools (dedicated CSS sheets, HeadingsMaps and WebDeveloper Toolbar extensions, Color Contrast Analyser).

Pages of the site subject to the complance check


2.Content page:

3.Detail page of a network:

4.Press release page:

5.Presentation page of a member of the governance:

6.Page 404:

7.Search page:

8.Search results:

9.Landing page newsroom:

10.Landing page press releases:

11.Landing page news:

12.Landing page publications:

13.Full cartography :

14.Contact access form :

15.Get to know us better:

Feedback and contact

It is important to remember that according to article 11 of the law of February 2005 :

The disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of his or her disability, regardless of the origin and nature of his or her impairment, age or lifestyle

Keolis undertakes to take the necessary steps to provide access, within a reasonable time, to the information and functionalities sought by the disabled person, whether or not the content is subject to an exemption.

Keolis invites people who encounter difficulties to contact it so that assistance can be provided (accessible alternative, information and content given in another form).


If you notice a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing a content or functionality of the site, and you report it to us and you do not manage to obtain a response from us, you are entitled to send your complaints or a request for referral to the Rights Defender.

There are several ways to do this: