Our know-how
Keolis, a complete range of technical skills dedicated to shared mobility

We have finetuned a range of crucial skills over the years including understanding the concerns of local communities, designing attractive transport services, guaranteeing network performance and offering the best possible passenger experience.  We deploy these skills to meet the key challenges of mobility across all the countries where we operate. We harness a variety of tools developed in-house and closely tailored to our partners' needs including our Keoscopie observatory of mobility trends, our Neolis network design method, customer service optimisation tools and programmes, centres of excellence, programmes aimed at listening to passengers' expectations and data analysis technology. All of these serve as levers for satisfying our customers in all their diversity.

Disigning attractive transport offers

For Keolis, every local community is unique thanks to its geography, demographics, sociology and economy. The same applies to citizens, whose expectations vary not only according to their profile, but also according to the time of day, the week or the year.

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Guaranteeing performance

Every year, Keolis makes journeys easier for three billion passengers. Thanks to our successful partnerships with public transport authorities, Keolis has developed proven expertise in transport network operation, maintenance and asset management.

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Providing the best passenger experience

Climate change, urbanisation and the advent of the digital era and the smart city are challenges which Keolis meets using a range of programmes for assessing passengers' needs and expectations, as well as its expertise in multimodal network design. The aim? To provide the best possible passenger experience possible.

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