Providing the best possible passenger experience

Climate change, urbanisation and the advent of the digital era and the smart city are challenges which Keolis meets using a range of programmes for assessing passengers' needs and expectations, as well as its expertise in multimodal network design. The aim? To provide the best possible passenger experience possible.

Understanding our passengers' needs

In its efforts to provide passengers with enjoyable, tailor-made journeys from the first to the last mile, Keolis created Keoscopie, an observatory of mobility trends aimed at identifying new lifestyles and new expectations in mobility. Keoscopie is based on a combination of quantitative surveys conducted by theme, in partnership with independent polling institutes (e.g. Ipsos or Kantar). It also analyses ticketing data, GPS tracks left by smartphones, qualitative surveys and public data (Insee, Credoc, Ined and Inserm).

Making it easier for everyone to get around

From our perspective, customer journeys are not confined to the time spent by passengers in the transport system. They are encapsulated by the entire experience from first mile to last. The journey starts with planning the route and purchasing the ticket, and continues beyond the transport networks operated by Keolis, all the way to the passenger's destination.

Interconnected, multimodal networks for more intuitive travel

To ensure smooth travel for all citizens throughout a given region, we offer interconnected, multimodal solutions to public transport authorities, combining multiple modes of transport including bus, tram, metro, ferry, train, bicycle, private car hire, carsharing and carpooling. By way of example, the intercity express line between Vesoul and Besançon is designed to complement the networks of the two cities, with the same tickets and specific stops providing more effective connections to other available local transport modes including buses, bike and car-sharing facilities.

An optimised passenger journey, with the help of mobile interfaces

To help passengers choose the transport mode that best suits their needs, Keolis designs mobile solutions that aggregate all the transport options in each region, whether they are operated by the Keolis Group or not. In Rennes, for example, passengers can use the Star l'appli app to buy tickets and plan their routes, factoring in all available local transport modes. This includes bikeshares, the TER regional train and BreizhGo coaches.

Simplifying journeys by going paperless

Keolis offers paperless ticketing solutions to guarantee a journey that is 100% connected. In Nevers, passengers on the Tanéo network benefit from the on-board contactless payment system. All they have to do is hold up their bank card to the payment validator to buy and validate their ticket. The customer's payment card then becomes the ticket. In Montargis, customers of the Amelys network can use their smartphones to buy their tickets and validate them by scanning a barcode in front of an on-board validator.

transport on demand

Reaching everyone, without exception

Operating public transport networks is about addressing all the citizens of a local community, with no exceptions. We rely on the complementarity of human and digital resources to design offers that take all kinds of profiles into account. These could be people travelling in sparsely populated or poorly served areas, people who work odd hours, vulnerable individuals or people who are not at ease with digital tools.

In Caen, an orientation aid strip, simplified pictograms and an olfactory signage system have been set up to guide customers with disabilities to dedicated counters, where they receive support from trained sales staff who are familiar with the needs of vulnerable people.

Making life easier with on-demand transport

With its "GO!" offer, Keolis provides on-demand transport solutions tailored to every passenger. In Sydney, Australia, an on-demand bus service connects the Macquarie Park business district with the surrounding residential areas. In the Paris region, 66,500 annual trips are run at Roissy by Filéo, the largest on-demand transport service in France.  The service, available on reservation, covers the area around Paris-CDG airport seven days a week, including at night, by bus, minibus, taxi and private hire car.


Sur le même sujet

Mobility services specifically designed for vulnerable people

We provide personalised transport services for vulnerable people, available on reservation and carried out by dedicated, trained teams using specially equipped vehicles. Such services have been implemented in Greensboro and Lancaster in the United States, and Bayonne, Quimper and the Paris region in France. In Lyon, people with reduced mobility who sign up to the Optibus service can be accompanied by a door-to-door escort to travel on the nominal network.