Guaranteeing the performance of transport networks

Every year, Keolis makes journeys easier for three billion passengers. Thanks to our successful partnerships with public transport authorities, Keolis has developed proven expertise in transport network operation, maintenance and asset management.

A perfect command of the essentials

Operating a transport network means offering a service that is reliable, high-quality and optimal in terms of budget. Essentials that Keolis masters perfectly in the 13 countries where it operates.


Optimising the operational efficiency of our networks

From entry into service, to renewal and maintenance, Keolis has wide-ranging expertise in managing the material, infrastructure and IT systems required for the smooth operation of transport networks.

Increasing asset lifespans while maintaining service quality

Given that all assets have a limited lifespan, proper management of the way they are used, maintained and replaced is crucial in order to provide a safe, high-quality and cost-effective service. This kind of expertise is perfectly mastered by our teams.  In Lyon, after examining all scenarios from the perspective of operational performance and safety, Keolis advised the public transport authority to extend the life of the trains on metro lines A and B, whose theoretical life cycle ended in 2018. This resulted in 475 million euros in savings for the public transport authority, with no change whatsoever to quality of service.

Optimizing the operational efficiency of our networks

Predictive maintenance for performance

To increase the reliability of our transport services, we use technological innovation, data in particular, to predict potential failures of the equipment and infrastructure under our responsibility, trigger interventions and adjust our maintenance plans.

In Boston in the United States, the commuter trains Keolis operates are fitted with sensors that can count passengers, record vibrations, and measure the temperature of the carriages.  Once collected, the data is centralised and analysed by predictive maintenance software, enabling us to detect possible malfunctions and react before a breakdown occurs.

Employees committed to greater performance

The commitment of our employees is vital for ensuring the performance of our networks. That's why we strive to provide working conditions that allow each of our employees to thrive, while offering training opportunities to keep their level of competence aligned to the new requirements and technologies they use in their work.

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Delivering the same quality of service worldwide

For Keolis, operating and maintaining a network also means offering a service at the required contractual level, regardless of the geographical location, the transport mode or the size of the network.

A well-calibrated offer for an unparalleled service

Keolis relies on several levers to properly calibrate its offer. It uses OSS systems (operational support systems) or on-board GPS and regular audits to monitor compliance with bus, tram and train schedules and metro train frequency. In Lille, Lyon and Bordeaux, we have integrated pedestrian routes into urban signposting and route planning, helping our customers to open up their town centres and relieve the strain on the lines during peak periods.

The right response for every eventuality

Should an unforeseen incident occur on their route (accident, move, roadworks, demonstration etc.), our bus drivers receive assistance from the central control station, which alerts them and directs them to an alternative route, minimising delays.

Our subsidiaries also support special local events like sports fixtures and music festivals by adapting the transport service according to the event requirements.  We do this every year in Melbourne during the Australian Open tennis tournament, or for football matches in cities including Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes, Lille and Manchester.