Our Expertises
Identifying and responding to the new challenges of mobility

Safety and security, ecological transition, digital transformation: our solid expertise in mobility allows us to provide specific, tailored solutions to the major challenges facing local communities. Safety and security have always been our absolute priority. As the health crisis continues, we have strengthened our safety measures to protect our passengers and employees all over the world. We support public transport authorities in the energy transition of their bus fleets, driving the development of energy-efficient mobility while making it as carbon-free as possible. And we rely on innovation and the data to offer mobility that is increasingly global, simple and easy to understand.

Safety and security for all

Because we all need peace of mind when we travel, safety and security are an absolute must. Every day Keolis is committed to protecting its passengers and employees on all of its networks, regardless of the mode of transport.  

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Acting for the ecological transition

By reducing the use of private cars, our mobility solutions provide an initial response to climate change. We go further by offering our partners energy-efficient, low-carbon mobility solutions in all the countries where we operate.

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Innovating for mobility

Keolis enhances everyday life in cities and communities by imagining and operating safe, smart and sustainable mobility solutions accessible to each and everyone. This ambition is driven by real initiatives at all levels of the company, an ecosystem of specialised partners, and an approach based on open innovation.

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Local communities are home to a growing number of transport choices with citiesbecoming smarter and more inclusive and passengers more demanding. Keolis  therefore promotes simple, clear and comprehensive mobility solutions to address these issues.

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