Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

bringing global, shared mobility to the greatest possible number of people

Local communities are home to a growing number of transport choices with citiesbecoming smarter and more inclusive and passengers more demanding. Keolis  therefore promotes simple, clear and comprehensive mobility solutions to address these issues. MaaS is an innovative digital service that aggregates all transport options of a local community in a single app, providing passengers with an intelligent, personalised travel companion.

Making shared mobility easier and more accessible with MaaS

Drawing on its proven expertise in the design and operation of global efficient mobility offers, Keolis provides public transport authorities with mobility solutions tailored to the needs of their local community.

As transport options expand, so does the opportunity to enhance the vitality of local communities and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is proving to be a key accelerator and facilitator.

The aim is to provide passengers with a single interface that incorporates all the offers and necessary features, from a route search combining several transport options to purchasing and validating a ticket, with one customer account. With MaaS, you can adjust your itinerary as you go, checking for the next bus or available bike-share, and have real-time information to guide you, whether you're making an onward connection or dealing with a disruption to your journey.

Supporting the PTAs with made-to-mesure MaaS solutions

Keolis co-constructs MaaS solutions with the PTAs that are tailored to the specificities of each local community. We draw on our understanding of the mobility ecosystem to offer them a broad view of MaaS issues, as well as on our solid experience as an operator-integrator of mobility in all its forms. Our support covers:

· Design and roll-out of an efficient global mobility offer, complete with full integration of public and private mobility services available in the local community.

· The necessary management and coordination between public and private actors to choose technical solutions, create new business models and implement appropriate management over time

· Constructing a tailor-made solution with the best partners and the most modern and robust technological resources, notably by applying the principle of "privacy by design"

· Operating a human and inclusive MaaS service as part of a comprehensive, multi-channel system of marketing and customer relations, which supports shared mobility at the local level by simplifying the passenger experience for everyone

Navitia: a passenger information platform suitable for all types of applications

The value of MaaS solutions lies in the on demand information they can aggregate and distribute to passengers. Keolis focuses on technological solutions that ensure the digital sovereignty of local communities. These include Navitia, an open source, open service, open data passenger information platform developed by Kisio Digital, the Keolis Group's digital subsidiary.

DiviaMobilités: the city of Dijon's MaaS app

Keolis operates all of the local community's mobility solutions under the PTA's remit: tram, bus, bicycle, carsharing, and even on- and off-street parking. The full integration of offers and services is guaranteed from design to operation, as is a multimodal customer experience. A service approach that naturally includes a single agency,app and website, as well as incentive-based multimodal fare offers and a single customer account with post-payment for all types of mobility.

STAR l'appli: the city of Rennes' MaaS initiative

With STAR l'appli ("STAR, the app"), passengers can plan routes and buy tickets and season tickets on the STAR network operated by Keolis. The app also covers mobility services in the local region, including bicycles, carshares, regional TER trains and Breizhgo coaches of the regional network that enter the city.

ilévia: all of Lille's transport services at your fingertips

The ilévia network's new app aggregates all available transport modes on the greater Lille network, including bikeshares, on-demand transport and regional TER trains. As well as route searches, the app provides real-time passenger information and lets passengers use their mobile phones to purchase M-Tickets and validate their journeys.

Netherlands: a mobility app in two provinces

Keolis is operating a national mobility app in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel that lets passengers plan their journey, book, pay and travel by national and regional train, tram, metro, ferry, bus (operated by Keolis or not), on-demand transport and bicycle. The app even suggests walking itineraries for short journeys, as well as driving routes. It also shows where to find parking, bike stations and carsharing stops.

Key figures

  • 125,000
    active users in Dijon
  • 4,5
    Score by the users of STAR the app in Rennes on the Playstore Androïd (with more than 1 000 reviews)
  • 300
    M-tickets downloaded every month in Lille since November 2020
  • 12,000
    app users one month after the launch in the Netherlands