DiviaMobilités, a model network for global mobility in Dijon

In Dijon, Keolis Dijon Mobilités has been operating France's first global mobility contract since 2017, covering all mobility services. A first In France, this contract marked the launch of a  strengthened partnership between Keolis and Dijon Métropole. A  relationship that has led to the deployment of a particularly effective MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution.

After winning Dijon's elected officials' confidence for another six years, Keolis came face-to-face with an unprecedented challenge: managing all the transport modes in Greater Dijon Includeing buses and trams, PRM services, the long-term bicycle rental service, bikeshares, multi-storey car parks, on-street parking and even car and bicycle impoundment.

"Dijon Métropole has always been ambitious," says Keolis Dijon Mobilités' Communication and Partnerships Department. They have a far-reaching vision for mobility and have become a reference for ecology in France. The aim of this global mobility contract is to make it smoother and simpler to travel, while encouraging users to opt for virtuous forms of mobility. The aim is to change people's travel habits and to combat single-person car usage. "Another virtue of this global contract is to simplify passengers' lives via a single point of contact, Keolis Dijon Mobilités, whatever their mode of transport or mobility!

Divia vélodi the self-service bike in Dijon

Making travel easier for the people of Dijon with MaaS

With the launch of a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) app, Keolis has gone one step further in improving the passenger experience. This all-in-one multimodal app combines all the public transport options of Greater Dijon  with all the features needed for mobility in a single app, from booking to route searches and real-time timetable updates. "On our app, users can get around more easily by saving lines, stations and car parks to their favourites, reporting a problem and even paying a fine directly," says Keolis Dijon Mobilités' Communications Department. "Our app is constantly evolving, with new features added regularly."

As the operator of all mobility solutions in Greater Dijon, Keolis is particularly well-placed to offer an effective MaaS solution.  This is because the service is primarily based on the quality of Keolis' physical transport infrastructure, its services of proximity to users and its signage, thereby harmonising the digital and physical experiences. 

the Elithis tower in Dijon

Going further

Since 2017, Keolis Dijon Mobilités has been constantly innovating, offering new services to passengers.  For example the Open Paymen system deployed in 2018, lets passengers pay for and validate their tickets directly from their smartphone. Another particularly innovative service is a conversational "mobility coach" (voice assistant) that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalised answers to users' questions. The service can provide Information regarding route searches, bus or tram times at stops and traffic conditions.The latest mobility innovation in Dijon is the Bouquet Libertés launched in September 2021. "With this new service, users can combine their transport tickets - bus, tram, car park - in exchange for financial advantages," says Keolis Dijon Mobilités' Communication and Partnerships Department. For example, they can drive to one of our car parks, park all day and use the bus and tram for free. The aim is clear: to create new ways of getting around to relieve congestion in the centre of town. "

the tramway in Dijon

DiviaMobilités is:

2 tram lines

18 bus routes

10 car parks

4,500 parking spaces

400 self-service bikes

800 long-term bikes

12,500 active MaaS app users per day