Mobility stories
A closer look at some outstanding networks

Our teams help public transport authorities meet mobility challenges across the world from Newcastle in Australia to Dijon in France and Bergen in Norway to London in the UK... Take a look behind the scenes of some truly outstanding networks and discover our mobility stories.

Dijon, a model network for global mobility

In Dijon, Keolis Dijon Mobilités has been operating France's first global mobility contract since 2017, covering all mobility services. A first In France, this contract marked the launch of a strengthened partnership between Keolis and Dijon Métropole.

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Versailles Grand Parc, A behind-the-scenes look at the overhaul of the bus network

August 2019 marked the launch of the new Phébus network, operated by Keolis. The network has been completely reconfigured, addressing new mobility needs of the Paris region. A look back at a major reorganisation, which required three years of discussions and nine months of preparation.

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Besançon, how Keoscopie has optimised the Ginko network

Keoscopie provides Keolis with a unique tool to design and improve its transport offer, thus providing a better response to the challenges of each community. Illustration: reconfiguring the Ginko network in Greater Besançon.

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How Keolis Downer is transforming Newcastle in Australia

Since Keolis Downer started operating Newcastle’s multimodal transport system in 2017, our Australian subsidiary has continuously improved the mobility network, making it easier for people to travel around. The introduction of the light rail service in 2019 has greatly transformed the city center.

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