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Transport modes, infrastructure, urban development, highlighting new patterns of use, multimodal networks, innovating to create the much-needed energy transition – transforming mobility to meet the social and environmental challenges of the future takes more than one actor. At the heart of this ecosystem, Keolis wants to engage in real, meaningful dialogue with its stakeholders. This means not just discussing the mobility of tomorrow, but putting it into action. It's about working together to achieve safe, sustainable mobility that is tailored to each local community and serves all citizens, providing a better quality of life for everyone.

Local communities boosted by new mobilities and multimodality

The freedom to choose your transport mode at any time, to switch effortlessly from one mode to another, to continually readjust your route, to pick your travel times outside rush hour –   the health crisis and the rise of remote working have reshaped the mobility market, prompting stakeholders to step up their efforts to make journeys easier, smoother and more versatile.

Carbon-free transport

Eco-responsibility is at the centre of mobility concerns, as shown by the large-scale development of alternatives to combustion engines and individual vehicles. For mobility stakeholders, it's about supporting public transport authorities who wish to engage in the energy transition by providing assistance in the choice and financing of alternative solutions to diesel.

Innovative, connected mobility to serve all passengers

Mobility stakeholders are reinventing their offer to suit the needs of passengers and communities alike. The thinking behind the increased focus on digitalisation, which needs to remain inclusive, is to offer personalised, accompanied routes to passengers, resulting in smoother, more flexible journeys.

Inclusive mobility that leaves no one behind

One of the priorities of mobility stakeholders is to provide everyone with safe, easy access to essential everyday services. These include on-demand transport offers, guidance services for visually impaired travellers, and much more. Together, they are innovating to make sure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable, has the freedom to choose the most appropriate transport options for their needs.

Healthier, safer transport modes

More cleaning and disinfection, improved messaging around hygiene and social distancing, more prevention campaigns, reinforced security staff – the health crisis has considerably increased passengers' expectations in terms of health, safety and inclusiveness, and the actors of the mobility sector are stepping up their efforts to meet them.