Keolis, the world’s leading tram operator
Trams fit easily into the urban landscape, providing a high-capacity transport mode for cities of all sizes. The many advantages of a tram network mean it’s a key part of Keolis’ approach to sustainable mobility.

Keolis is a global leader in tramways

From its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago in Lille, France, Keolis has developed into one of the world’s leading tramway operators. Today, the Group operates 16 networks, including the world’s largest in Melbourne (29 lines and 250 km of track), and is currently preparing the 2017 launch of two new lines in Waterloo, Canada, and Aarhus, Denmark.

From the design stage to operations, including the choice of rolling stock, maintenance, recruitment and employee training, Keolis’ expertise covers all phases of the project lifecycle, regardless of the technology used: traditional tracked trams running on iron rails with steel wheels (powered by overhead lines or catenary-free), rubber-tyred trams (running on dedicated track or sharing the road space with other vehicles), or tram-trains (running on dedicated lanes and on the suburban rail network).

  • 660 million passengers per year
  • 1008 km of track
  • 13 networks in France: Besançon, Bordeaux, Caen, Dijon, Le Mans (TA*), Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Orléans, Paris-Île de France T11 et T9, Strasbourg (TA*) and Tours.
  • 8 international networks in operation: Aarhus (Danemark), Bergen (Norvège), Gold Coast, Newcastle and Melbourne (Australie), Nottingham and Manchester (Royaume-Uni), and Shanghai (China).
  • 5 international network due to be launched: Lusail (Qatar), Odense (Danemark), Paris-Île de France T13, Dubai (EAU), and Waterloo (Canada).
*Technical Assistance

Focus on the Melbourne tram network

  • 192.5 million passengers in 2015
  • 29 lines
  • 493 trams
  • 250 km of track
  • 1,713 stations and stops

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