A global leader in trams

Fast, comfortable and clean, trams encourage the extension of pedestrian zones and improve access to outlying districts, all whilst contributing to the appeal of city centres. With over 40 years of expertise in tram operation and maintenance, Keolis is on-hand to partner with the numerous public transport authorities showing a interest in this high-capacity transport mode.

Keolis, the world's leading tram operator

Keolis, which has been active in the operation and maintenance of tram networks for over 40 years, currently operates more than 1,000 km of track in nine countries over four continents. This expertise ensures that we meet the highest standards of safety, comfort, punctuality and intermodality.

Keolis trams in figures:

•   World's leading tram operator

• Over 40 years of expertise

•  Over 1,000 km of track in operation and under construction

•    28 networks in nine countries: Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, France, Qatar, United Kingdom

•    The world's largest network in Melbourne, Australia, with 250 km of track

*Figures as of end 2021

Optimised operational experience

To build on its experience, Keolis created a centre of excellence for metros and trams in 2015. This Lyon-based entity has been centralising the innovations and best practices of the Keolis Group since the launch of Its first tram line in 1977. Keolis' experience and know-how is available for projects all over the world, with our experts contributing intelligence and recommendations at subsidiaries' request at any stage of the project: preliminary studies, readiness for operation, or implementation.

tramway line operated by keolis

Perfect control of asset management

In Melbourne, Australia, Keolis operates the world's largest tram network, Yarra Trams, with 250 km of double track and over 1,700 stops. It is also one of the oldest networks in the world, with trams and infrastructure dating from very different generations. Regardless of their age and characteristics, all assets must function seamlessly and be maintained, renovated and sometimes replaced. Our Australian subsidiary has successfully managed our assets in Melbourne and this has been reflected in  the public transport authority's on-going confidence since awarding us the contract in 2009.

tram cockpit

Using our expertise to serve local comunities

To ensure a smoother, safer and more enjoyable experience for passengers, Keolis keeps up a constant dialogue with its different partners and stakeholders:  public transport authorities, user federations and local companies. Together, we design tramway networks that are tailored to the needs of citizens and local communities.

Trams that blend seamlessly into the urban landscape

Our trams play a part in an increasingly complex urban environment charcaterised by  urban sprawl, increasing population density, proliferation of transport modes and growing numbers of network users. The T9 tram line in the Île-de-France region, run by Keolis since 10 April 2021, connects Porte de Choisy in Paris to the centre of Orly. Constructing the line provided the opportunity to redistribute public space among all users, while creating a safer, more enjoyable route for pedestrians. It also allowed for a continuous cycling path between Paris and the centre of Orly.

promote travel by bicycle and tram

Using our expertise to serve each passenger

In order to connect people in a simpler, more reliable and more enjoyable way, Keolis places Innovation at the core of Its tram network.

Smoother traffic

In Jiaxing, China, the trams operated by Keolis are fitted with infra-red cameras and radar to detect on-track obstacles and alert the control centre in seconds, using 5G technology. The control centre can then slow or stop tram traffic and dispatch a team to resolve the problem. A passenger counting system helps to adjust the service to suit the number of passengers, resulting in smoother traffic at peak times. In addition, passengers with smartphones can buy their tickets online and validate them with a QR code for an even easier passenger experience.

a tram in Jiaxing

A smoother passenger experience

In Dijon, Keolis has introduced contactless payment terminals on its trams. To buy and validate their ticket, all passengers have to do is hold their contactless bank card up to the terminal. This simplifies the passenger experience, avoids delays caused by having to buy a ticket from the driver, and ensures greater compliance with current health and hygiene measures. In addition to these advantages, open payment offers passengers the most attractive fare for their journey, since the day fare is applied from the third journey onwards.