Transportation officials in Boston have granted Keolis Commuter Services (KCS) a one-year extension of its contract. KCS has operated and maintained Boston's Commuter Rail network since 2014 and has brought over 90% of riders back to the system post-COVID, the best in the United States. KCS has also consistently provided the greatest operational performance in over a decade, and successfully implemented regional rail scheduling to draw new riders to the train.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Board of Directors unanimously extended the contract, and Keolis will now operate and maintain the rail system through mid- 2027. This important achievement is due to the dedication and hard work of the local team, which has worked side by side with the MBTA to boost performance, enhance the passenger experience, and optimize operations.

Keolis confirmed until mid-2027

In 2020, the MBTA extended the KCS contract to June 2026, with the possibility of a further one-year extension. The board voted on April 25 to authorize that extension and allow KCS to continue to deliver record performance and excellent passenger service for several more years.

The extension will also enable the MBTA to carefully consider the future of its rail network and to set its goals for public transport in the years to come. The 14 rail lines link the towns of eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and downtown Boston via 640 km of track. The network serves 135 stations and is used by over 550,000 passengers a week.

Keolis Commuter Services (KSC)

  • 14lines
  • 135stations
  • 640km of track
  • ~ 550,000passengers per week on average
  • ~ 2,400employees