Since 2021, Keolis has been a patron of the Women's Foundation, which works for women's rights and their protection. Thanks to the mobilization of its employees, Keolis is donating 25,000 euros to the Fondation des Femmes.

This March 8, 2024 was also an opportunity for Keolis and the Fondation des Femmes to get together for a round-table discussion to talk about the actions we have put in place to encourage the integration of women into the public transport professions and to ensure the safety of our female passengers on our networks. Watch the video of the round-table in the comments section.

The Fondation des Femmes is also making available a StandUp e-learning program for free training on street harassment, whether you are a victim or a witness. This training is shared with all our employees to raise awareness and equip them to deal with this issue. You can also find the link to this e-learning in the comments section.