Keolis accélère son développement dans la mobilité autonome

17th November 2019

In Rennes (France), Keolis, which already operates two Navya electric autonomous shuttles in the University of Rennes, further pursues its trials with two new shuttles made by EasyMile. On the same occasion, Easymile inaugurates its new-generation shuttle. In Lyon (France), the Group has reached a new milestone in autonomous vehicle deployment with the entry into service of two new Navya automated shuttles fully integrated into traffic, a first in the country. In Newcastle (Australia), Keolis will start to operate autonomous shuttles running on public roads by the end of the year.In Gothenburg (Sweden), in partnership with Volvo, Keolis unveiled a 12-metre long electric bus in its depot.


Keolis is further developing its trial of electric autonomous shuttles in Rennes with the integration, on 18 November 2019, of two autonomous shuttles made by EasyMile. This marks the beginning of the collaboration between Keolis and EasyMile, as well as the world’s first deployment of the GEN 3 shuttle. Equipped with much more efficient sensors, this new generation of autonomous shuttles will eventually allow for a fully autonomous service, with no operator on-board.  


100% electric, free of charge and accessible to people with reduced mobility, the two EasyMile shuttles run from Monday to Friday, from 7.45am to 6.30pm, every 7 to 15 minutes. The 1.3-km long line, designed to develop intermodality within the university district, is complementary to the Rennes public transport network (bus and metro). They come in addition to the two autonomous Navya shuttles, which have been serving Beaulieu 1 university campus and part of the Rennes public transport network since November 2018. 

Now comprising four vehicles, this fleet allows Keolis to test, for the first time, interoperability between different manufacturers under single supervision. 

These trials, which are part of the “Intelligent Mobilities” project led by the city of Rennes, are funded through EVRA (Experimentation de Véhicule Routier Autonome) as part of the ADEME (Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie) call for projects.

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