Keolis chosen again to operate the contract for the Aix-en-Provence transport network

2 juillet 2019
The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis has once again chosen Keolis to operate the Métropole Mobilité Aix-en-Provence – its transport network, for a period of nine years. With projected average annual revenue of €47 million, the new contract will take effect on 4 November 2019. Keolis’ task will be to improve the transport services across the four communes making up the Pays d’Aix area and to transition the network over to a more global, more sustainable and more connected form of mobility. Over the period of the contract, Keolis has committed to increasing passenger numbers by 31% and boosting revenue by 40% across the whole network. Having recently taken over management of Antibes-Sophia Antipolis and Menton, this is the third consecutive contract that the group has landed in the Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, thus shoring up its position as a leading urban and suburban transport provider.

A network committed to the energy transition

This new transport service is a major commitment for the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis and Keolis, and is in line with a more sustainable approach to mobility. By 2024, the new fleet made up of 204 thermal-combustion buses will be entirely replaced by electric and hybrid ones. 52% of this fleet will run exclusively on electricity.

A more connected passenger experience

Starting in January 2020, Keolis will deploy an open payment system on the Bus Rapid Transit service, before extending it to the rest of the network in September 2020. Not yet in use in the region, open payment will mean that passengers can purchase and validate their tickets with their contactless credit/debit cards or smartphones directly on the bus, irrespective of who they bank with.

The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis will be France's third urban area to introduce this new ticketing solution, which has proven popular with users since it was launched in Dijon in 2018.

The Métropole Mobilité – Aix-en-Provence network : key figures

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