Contract renewal for Keolis to support the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS)

with its mobility policy
15th January 2023

▪ CTS, the urban transport operator for the Eurométropole de Strasbourg, is renewing Keolis’s technical assistance contract for four years.
▪ The Group will help CTS achieve its goals of improving everyday transport efficiency, developing new projects, and understanding the future of mobility.

The Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois, a local public company jointly owned by the Eurométropole de Strasbourg or EMS (80%) and the Grand Est region (20%), delivers over 400,000 journeys per day. Its network covers the 33 EMS municipalities, which have a population of 500,000. To address expectations of the energy transition and meet the growing need for mobility, CTS has committed to an ambitious road map that includes recruiting 400 employees by 2025 to support the northern and western extensions of the tram system, extending line G of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network by December 2023, restructuring the bus network in the Neuhof and Meinau districts by September 2023 and deploying the European Metropolitan Express network (REME) in the imminent future.

Keolis’ mission is to help CTS achieve these priorities. The operational dimension of the mission consists of assisting the operator in improving its everyday efficiency so that it can offer an increasingly high-quality, responsible service. in parallel, the mission has a strategic dimension involving auditing the network’s performance to identify areas for improvement. Finally, Keolis will support CTS in its forecasting aimed at better understanding mobility practices, lifestyles, and the energy transition.

Keolis’ support mission will be organised into three areas:

- Cross-functional management to enable CTS to share its experience with other public transport operators (working groups, seminars, conferences etc.),

- Capitalising on knowledge by setting up monitoring indicators and tools for measuring and summarising data (dashboards, observatory, press review etc.),

- Advising the operator on its future vision by producing and sharing studies enabling it to refine its understanding of the issues and deploy new trials and innovations.

Key characteristics of the CTS network in 2021

  • 6 tram lines

  • 2 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines

  • 3 key lines and 39 regular urban and peri-urban bus lines

  • a pre-bookable transport service, Flexhop, available in 25 municipalities

  • bespoke services: school routes, night buses, evening taxi-buses...

  • 10 park-and-ride car parks at tram stops and 17 bike parks

  • 1,647 employees