Championing the integration of bicycles in transport networks

Cycling in cities has increased considerably in recent years. The health crisis has also created the need to change the way we travel. To address these new mobility-related challenges, Keolis provides public transport authorities with a sustainable offer that integrates the bicycle as a complementary solution to other modes of transport like bus, metro, tram, and train.

keolis bike stations

Keolis, N°2 bike service provider in France

As France's second-largest operator for this mode of transport, Keolis is putting the bicycle back at the centre of mobility – in cities as well as in local regions – with an offer that includes:

  • Mechanical or electric self-service bicycles available 24 hours a day for short journeys on demand, complementary to other modes of transport.

  • Short, medium or long-term bike rentals for occasional or regular use.

  • Secure bike parking solutions near areas of interest and transport interchanges.

  • A diverse fleet including electrically assisted bicycles, tandems, two- or three-wheeled cargo bikes and scooters.

  • A range of comfort and safety accessories, including bike helmets and child seats

  • High value-added services to educate, train and support cyclists, including maintenance, safety advice, anti-theft marking and learning to ride.     

As part of our commitment to citizens, we have decided to develop alternative forms of mobility and related services to:

  • offer more choice to passengers    

  • revitalize poorly served areas    

  • encourage citizens to use a more sustainable mode of transport

Our partners say it best

Marie-France Vayssieres

Director Alternative Mobilities and Intermodality, Keolis

"At Keolis, we firmly believe that cycling complements other modes of transport. Thanks to our full range of solutions, we are now able to ensure a fully integrated mobility offer. "

Keolis, an operator specialising in soft mobility

  • Nearly 32,000 bikes in France and the Netherlands (self-service, long-term rental, electrically-assisted), including more than 6,000 self-service bikes

  • In 44 local regions in France

  • 8,000 secure bike parking spaces

Our bicycles worldwide

Available to passengers in a growing number of cities in France and the Netherlands, cycling is a mode of travel that meets the demand of citizens in these cities.

Ensuring the smooth deployment of bicycle-related services

From design to operation, we support the bike strategies of local regions at every stage of deployment:

  • Advice on designing multimodal offers for greater intermodality

  • Providing assistance in the size, choice and implementation of equipment, including the construction of secure bike parking spaces and the provision of self-service or rental bikes

  • Providing local regions with digital tools to manage their bicycle fleets, including availability, maintenance and developing digital information solutions for passengers.

Comprehensive and appealing bike solutions

  1. Self-service bikes in dense zones and in city centres with multiple activities: residential, service, shops, employment.

  2. Short-term rentals (by the day or week) for occasional bicycle use.

  3. Medium and long-term rentals for people who need a bike for longer periods of time.

  4. Modular bike parking solutions, connected to the public transport network for upstream and downstream connections from metal bike racks to individual boxes and covered, secured bike shelters.

  5. Developing digital information solutions for passengers including real-time information and bookings and intermodal route calculation.

They trust us

Dijon: the bicycle as part of a "global mobility" contract

bike renting

Greater Dijon has entrusted Keolis with the management and operation of its public transport network.  Mobility services on offer include a fleet of 430 self-service bikes at 40 stations, 800 rental bicycles, 11 secure bicycle shelters and France's first bike pound.

Rennes: Maison du vélo, the place to go for information on cycling

star the bike

Maison du Vélo, run by Keolis, offers services for cyclists, whether they live in the city or are just passing through. Services include electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) rentals, a self-repair workshop, anti-theft markings and a bicycle school. It's a real platform of activities and information on cycling, and it's also a place to meet people, get advice, and receive training on cycling.

Bourg-en-Bresse: cycling to promote intermodality

renting a star bike

Keolis has deployed new mobility solutions to promote intermodality in the conurbation of Greater Bourg-en-Bresse, including the creation of a service to provide electrically-assisted self-service bikes. Nearly 100 self-service bicycles and 19 stations, available 24/7, are distributed throughout the towns and villages of the conurbation.

A strategy based on partnership to improve safety and customer experience

renting a vthree bike

Keolis is committed to innovating, promoting and raising awareness of the bicycle to help change attitudes to cycling. Keolis draws on the expertise of its teams to provide advice and assistance, with special vigilance when it comes to pedestrian and cyclist safety (raising awareness among employees and the public, "In my Shoes" activities, learning to ride).

To guarantee a perfect customer experience, Keolis strikes up partnerships with experts in the field of soft mobility and the areas in which they are located:

  • national partnerships with the cycling federation FUB, Vélo & Territoires and Géovélo

  • local partnerships with cycling associations, bicycle shops, bicycle centres and social firms

Our partnership-based approach also ensures that we create synergies with other modes of transport in cities where we do not operate the transport networks.

The bicycle by Keolis, in brief

▪          Self-service bikes

▪          Short, medium and long-term bike rentals

▪          Secure bike parking solutions that promote intermodality

▪          A transport mode that has become integral to a multimodal mobility offer