On-demand transport

customised mobility solutions

Low or irregular passenger flows, sparsely populated zones, areas with few businesses or tourist attractions, off-peak periods... Because some regions can't provide themselves with a regular mobility service, Keolis provides passengers with flexible, customised on-demand transport solutions.

transport on demand

Keolis and on-demand transport : a customied transport service

Mobility solutions suited to the requirements of every community

Our teams partner with each public transport authority to design the solution that best suits their local needs. For this, we combine three forms of expertise:

  1. Diversified on-demand transport services. We offer a wide range of options depending on the geographical nature and/or timetable of the service to be provided. These options can be combined and include itineraries and fixed timetables activated on request, a service from one point to another in a given zone, Transport for people with reduced mobility (TPRM).

  2. Specific operating models. We have a wide range of in-house or subcontracted operating models to meet every need at the best cost, including buses, minibuses, use of TPRM vehicles, private hire cars, taxis and ridesharing.

  3. Adapted technology. We offer a variety of technologies to operate on-demand mobility services, process bookings and keep travellers informed.

A simple, intuitive mobility experience for all passengers

Our on-demand transport solutions offer great flexibility to passengers and a high level of information to ensure peace of mind throughout their journey. They can book, change or cancel their journey by contacting an adviser by phone, online or with a mobile app. They receive confirmation of their booking and track the arrival of their vehicle remotely and in real time.     

Keolis' answer in three words

  • Simplicity

Booking is easy and accessible to everyone, whether you're using a mobile app, a website or an online adviser.

  • Flexibility

Booking 24/7 and right up to the last minute, changes, cancellations, you name it: with digital on-demand transport, a few clicks are all it takes to plan your journey.

  • Serenity

Real-time information guarantees a stress-free journey, providing confirmation of your booking, vehicle tracking on approach and notification before the vehicle arrives.

On-demand transport brings local communities to life

●        80 Keolis networks around the world offer on-demand mobility services

●        2.5 million annual journeys operated by Keolis worldwide

●        95% of French city networks operated by Keolis run on-demand mobility services

Our on-demand transport services worldwide

Discover our on-demand transport services in France, the USA and Australia.

They trust us

Flex'hop: 350 journeys per day in Strasbourg

Flex'hop, the reservation-based public transport service run by Strasbourg transport operator CTS, completes the mobility offer in 25 municipalities of the Strasbourg Eurometropole.

Résa'tao: 400 journeys per day in Orléans

The on-demand transport service of the city of Orléans offers a real-time solution in nine of the conurbation's suburban zones with booking possible up to five minutes before the journey.

Newcastle on demand: 150 daily journeys in Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle's on-demand transport service complements the existing bus network by providing increased mobility in the city centre’s business district and connectivity with other transport systems such as the Newcastle interchange, tram and bus networks and Broadmeadow station.

Filéo: France's n°1 on-demand transport service

Filéo transport on demand

From 20:00 to 07:00, the Filéo mobility-on-demand service provides services from the towns and villages around Roissy to the Paris-CDG airport hub. It provides an average of 4,500 trips per month for a total of 14,500 passengers.

Keoride northern beaches: over 500 journeys per day in Sydney, Australia

transport on demand from keoride northern beaches

This on-demand transport service covers the first and last mile between the residential areas of the Northern Beaches and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line which provides access to the centre of Sydney.

On-demand transport by Keolis, in brief

●        Meeting travel needs in business parks and industrial estates

●        Covering the first and last mile to/from regular routes

●        Offering more mobility to people living in suburban zones

●        Responding to weak or irregular passenger flows

●        Extending the timetables of public transport services

●        Addressing the specific needs of people with reduced mobility