Low or irregular passenger flows, sparsely populated zones, areas with few businesses or with tourist attractions, off-peak periods: Because a regular mobility service can occasionally be unfeasible for some communities, Keolis provides passengers with flexible, customised on-demand transport solutions.

A customisable transport solution

The on demand transport solution (ODT) provides an efficient and secure response to mobility needs in sparsely populated areas or for specific services. It is particularly well suited to areas where regular bus services are not viable, such as large industrial estates or business parks. ODT is also useful for providing connections to stations and public facilities early in the morning or late at night, when transport options are limited.

ODT’s strength lies in its flexibility. It adapts its service timetables and routes to passenger bookings.

Since it is customisable, ODT allows anyone to travel freely, however far they are from urban centres or regular transport routes. It offers a simple and well-adapted response to the needs of any passenger requiring transport, and notably the elderly, people with reduced mobility, people without their own transport solution, etc.  

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ODT by Keolis – at a glance

- Meeting travel needs in business parks and industrial estates

- Covering the first and last mile to/from regular routes

- Offering more mobility to people living in rural and suburban zones

- Catering to low or irregular passenger flows

- Extending the operating hours of public transport services

- Addressing the specific needs of people with reduced mobility

A simple and intuitive travelling experience

Our answer in three words :

Mobility options to suit every community and region

The Keolis Group's on-demand transport offering takes different forms depending on the needs of the community in question and its residents. Our teams work closely with each public transport authority to design the solution best suited to local needs.

Depending on the specific geographical and/or timetable features of the service to be provided, Keolis offers a wide range of solutions that can be combined: fixed routes and timetables with on-demand activation, point-to-point service within an area or to a connecting hub, transport for people with reduced mobility (TPRM), etc.

Keolis is capable of implementing a variety of operating models, both in-house and outsourced: buses, minibuses, TPRM vehicles, taxis, etc. The aim is to meet every need at the best possible cost, to provide public transport authorities with an ODT service within a controlled financial envelope.

Keolis offers effective solutions to simply and efficiently manage the operation of on-demand mobility services, process bookings and inform passengers. It adapts the technology to the needs and constraints of the PTA (Trapèze, VIA, Flexago, PADAM, Simplicity, etc.).

ODT brings local communities to life and provides mobility for all

  • 75Keolis networks around the world offer on-demand mobility services
  • 2,62.6 million ODT trips were provided worldwide by Keolis in 2023
  • 95 %of Keolis’ urban networks in France operate ODT services

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